More Layoffs/Less Service? Happy Holidays!

Canada Post to phase out urban home mail delivery

Up to 8,000 jobs will be cut, while cost of stamps is going up

CBC News Posted: Dec 11, 2013 9:37 AM ET Last Updated: Dec 11, 2013 11:53 AM ET


There is something the Feds find irresistible about throwing out some bad news when they are under the gun already from some other bad news…if it’s ugly, anti-worker and beyond inconvenient for the general public, why, it must be Christmastime in Canada, and Emperor Steve, once again, bestows his  reverse benevolence on us all..

Just too fascinating..hope the Feds enjoy the lawsuits when people’s valuable mail gets ripped off from those boxes on a regular basis, ..In the city?  piece of cake, a great work project for those thieves and ID-stealers  who have a tougher time right now with indoor apartment it’ll be easy-peasy ..a great way to destroy jobs, must’ve used the BC Ferries methodology of reducing service while simultaneously raising prices…

I can remember when forestry was taking a dive in this Province, and  certain workers in certain lumber-related industries agreed among themselves to refuse overtime so that their  brothers and sisters who would otherwise be laid off would have work..the companies fought it, but the workers, by co-operating,  found a solution that worked for everyone..

Instead of reducing the  hours or even days of service, the government will disregard the  needs of workers and citizens alike in this thoughtless move to  delivery boxes..they cannot keep mail thieves in check now in suburban areas, what will they do to ensure the safety of  multiple ‘corner’ boxes in high-density areas? Since parcel deliveries are up because of online buying, will people now have to line up forever in small contracted-out and inconvenient locations to pick up their mail? More union-busting tactics…

I now live in the back of beyond (lucky me) having given up on the  city, and literally have to drive to my mailbox, straight uphill and about a 1/2 mile away..what will city dwellers  who are incapacitated do? Will the government be opening bank accounts for those in need of social services and doing direct deposits, to avoid  those who are ‘less fortunate’ losing their cheques  to thievery?  Will seniors in less than savoury areas have to  somehow hope that their mail is ‘there’ when they  must get safely to and from their new urban boxes, who knows how far from the safety of their homes?

Happy Holidays, Emperor Steve…you and your toadies have managed with little or no effort to  do it again…


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