The new Canadian Plague: Have We all been Infected?

Sadly, Rob Ford epitomises what Canada has become

With his crack smoking and drunken misbehaviour, Toronto’s mayor personifies our crude, swaggering, bungling New Canada  Robert Hays in the Guardian Fri Dec 13 2013



Speak for yourself, Hays..truly the East seems to have adopted the crudities of the HarperCons and their (Rob)in of the ‘Hood, but there are many of us, dare I say the majority, who not only do not support the rightwing bias so blatantly obvious in the Feds, but in fact (after rather extensive polling) it has been shown that the country at large is far to the left of the government on key issues, such as abortion, gun control, war-mongering and climate change, privatisation, pipelines…not to mention the war on women so evident in this country (and, it has to be said, in Blighty as well as the States…)
Here on the West Coast (the real West coast, the Westernmost..) of Vancouver Island, we vote almost universally for the NDP and the Greens..check your facts before resigning us all to the pliitical garbage dump that has become Toronto…
Your piece sounds like a trial balloon to support strategic voting, which no one but the Liberals seem to want, now that they are less than stellar performers in the country at large..


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2 Responses to The new Canadian Plague: Have We all been Infected?

  1. S. Gittens says:

    A nasty, and incorrect comment about Atlantic Canadians. You people in other parts of Canada should try coming down here and meeting Atlantic Canadians. We aren’t nearly the terrible people many of you make us out to be here in the East. SMCG Truro, N. S.

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