Huffington Post: Big Brother is Unstoppable……

I don’t think I’m alone in this..I hate Facebook and the site has morphed into..a crassly capitalist commercial, 24/7…and after telling  us that they would use whatever images we had foolishly uploaded for whatever purposes they deemed  beneficial to them, and that our privacy was, essentially, at an end, I closed my accounts.  That was at least two years ago, and don’t miss it, although I notice that  all my ‘friends’ have  lost track of my existence since then, despite the fact that there are numerous other ways to  keep in touch online…which only reinforces the opinion that the shallowness is only exceeded by the insincerity…

I have been  commenting on  Huffington Post for at least 4 years, both in the USA section and the Canadian  version,  enjoying the political give and take, and ‘meeting’ some interesting people..suddenly,  HuffPo decides that we all have to cross-link with our Facebook accounts for  ‘security’ issues..and when I complained directly to them (“contact us”..) they  referred me to a link  that only had an error had probably crashed..

Nice try, HuffPo, ..too ironic..because  the big chill you’ve put on commenting  just reinforces the sense of Big Brother  that has permeated your pages since the AOL take over..the repression of opinion only serves to reinforce the sense that American media has, once again, succumbed to political  correctness..You have always had our personal info, Faceplant membership won’t change that, but perhaps some sponsorship opportunities might  be lost unless you buddy up with this disgusting excuse for social media..okay, message can safely continue with your celeb -driven  crap and become the neo-enquirer online, as you so obviously intend…

From what I’ve read, there have been literally hundreds, if not thousands, of  people  who have deleted their HuffPo accounts in protest..goodness me, the advertisers won’t be happy, will they..?


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7 Responses to Huffington Post: Big Brother is Unstoppable……

  1. SM says:

    how did you delete your huffpo account? I would like to do the same.

    • cityprole says:

      Yep, deleting, there’s the rub..I wrote to them demanding that they delete my account, since they have conveniently deleted our one-time ability to do so directly from our profile..
      It’s all I have to suggest… still haven’t heard back, probably won’t, i’m sure that they are in full damage-control mode at this point…

      • Robin S says:

        Log in, go to your profile page, scroll to the bottom where it says remove your account. It will query you so say yes, I’m outta here.

        Thing is, I did it the same day of the announcement and it took me three tries to delete mine. I got an email confirming cancellation.

        And make certain if you were subscribed to any of the regular news stories or bloggers to delete those first. I’m still getting notices even though my account is gone and now I can’t stop them. They just go in to spam (Sorry Jason Linkens)

      • Concerned HP exPat says:

        Hi cityprole,

        Thanks for your post – it’s an important story affecting many users. I recently closed my account at HP (5yrs, 3500+fans, nearly 20,000 posts) and had to log-in about 6 times to finally ‘close’ my account. The first time fave me the ‘This profile has been removed’ but I could still log in, so I kept at it until I get a ‘This account has been closed’ message at login.

        Question from the expat community – is the ‘Red Button’ gone now, or is it just that you have an account that is not ‘closed’ only ‘removed’?

        Finally, I’ve found that waiting for a response from HP staff is like expecting Santa Claus to come down the cardboard chimney set up for the Holidays… In fact, it’s more likely that Santa will appear than that HP will respond at all, much less in any meaningful fashion.


  2. anonymous says:

    Wake up, children. You’re old enough now to understand that once you create an account, it will never be deleted.

  3. majorwiblit says:

    Thank you for writing this!!
    more and more people should be!!

  4. Barbagris says:

    get yourself over to TheEpochTimes,com and check it out. -Barbagris

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