Take the Wrong Way Home…

$109 fine for new driver taking drunk dad home

18-year-old novice driver Evan Godo received a $109 fine for not displaying the ‘N’ sign

CBC News Posted: Dec 27, 2013 8:37 PM PT

Here in BC, as  elsewhere in Canada, the rules  are flexible and depend on your status…

But this kid got caught in the hypocritical cross fire that has highlighted BC drinking and driving laws of late…while our provincial Lieberals talk about loosening up the liquor laws to allow such brave new world concepts as wineries selling  their product at farmer’s markets, woe betide anyone who dares to try and do the right thing in the wrong vehicle….

His drunk father should pay the fine..he’s getting off easy (the father) when you consider what would have happened had he driven and been caught..his son should not have to pay the fine, and getting drunk in the first place is a poor excuse for putting your son in this position.

At worst, the son should dispute the fine on the basis of his actions..I’m pretty sure a judge would agree…
Too bad the son isn’t a politician..not only do you get to walk away from a drunk driving charge with a suspended licence (and thereby rationalize a driver paid for, for the year of suspension,  by the taxpayers) but you get to keep your job, too…the least the system can do is ‘forgive’ the fine. After all, Evan Godo is just one letter (r) short of the nickname of  our drunk-driving ex-Premier…

Come to think of it, the yahoos in this Province that  not only re-elected Campbell, but  then re-elected the Lieberals, are starting to remind me, more and more, of the yahoos in Ontario who elected, and want to re-elect Rob Ford…are they cross-country commuters, or what?



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2 Responses to Take the Wrong Way Home…

  1. Troy says:

    Short answer, yes. But, I’d say it’s more or less trans-Albertans who are beginning to influence BC politics.

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