Right, Right, you’re bloody well Right…

Former Tory minister on the hot seat over Enbridge lobbying gig

by Kady O’Malley Posted: January 7, 2014 9:00 AM Last Updated: January 7, 2014 8:58 AM
CBC online
I was a bit disappointed in the lack of a big anti-pipeline presence outside the location of the  Harpster’s meeting with the BC Bored of Trade..happy, of course, with the direct action taken inside the meeting, but  wish that there had been something outside the venue, showing our displeasure at the thought of a pipeline here.  I no longer live in Vancouver, or even on the Mainland, so  I can’t exactly create a protest on my own there, even if I could afford to get over there by ferry, etc…but someone should have, in the past we would have – but now?
Given that disappointment,  I was greeted by the above column at CBC News online this morning…how much more disappointing to see that Chuck Strahl,  someone I always thought of as practically a Red Tory (a la Joe Clark) is in fact just another oil huckster out to make a buck on BC’s environment  at any cost…
Is there really no hope left?  I keep receiving  emails from various organizations who are supposedly fighting  the pipeline here, begging for money, yeti see no evidence of any sort of  protest except by First Nations, the reason that Strahl, I suppose, was awarded  his plum little non-job, given that he was once  Minister of Indian  Affairs..has the Right in this country completely overwhelmed  what is right and good  here?
Do me a favour, all you  organizations who want my time (freely given) and money ( not much extra around) yet show me little evidence of  your commitment – start acting.  In this case, I will exempt the Vancouver Observer from my little rant since they brought this issue to the forefront.
Update:  Just received still another begging letter, this time from Democracy Watch..nothing about Enbridge, but one of their ‘big’ fights that they mention was  to get rid of Rob Ford…excuse me, who gives a damn except Metro Torontonians…if them, since they voted him in, or sat on their paws at election time..

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