Oh, RoFo, Oh Harpo…….(with apologies to John Lennon)

New Rob Ford video leaves council members frustrated, stunned

Toronto mayor should step down for the good of the city, Coun. Michael Thompson says

CBC News Posted: Jan 22, 2014 9:28 AM ET Last Updated: Jan 22, 2014 5:33 PM ET

Personally? LMAO, sorry, but this latest  RoFo Rant knocked Harpster off the front page of Canada’s fawning press…in all it’s dreariness…they can’t seem to help themselves, pushing each other aside, like papparazzi after a B grade starlet, trying to be the ones with the longest, most boring coverage of Great Leader droning on and on in Israel, where the media (rather like that in the States) ignores him for the little tinpot buttkisser that he is…when Sarah Palin tells you that you are doing great, it’s time to take stock of your melodramatic efforts to be as Rightwing as possible, even outgunning the TeaBaggers in Yankeeland
Now that Ford has managed to steal Gangsta Steve’s spotlight, the whole turgid melodrama creaks on and on..
What I don’t understand is why the people in Toronto The ‘Hood aren’t protesting in the streets..has everyone in Ontario become so numb that this idiot can get away with anything?
Not much of a Preston Manning fan, but he made a great point yesterday on “Power and Politics,” when he suggested that recall legislation could have nipped this sort of behaviour in the bud..so maybe there is a silver lining to this stench-making outrage that is RoFo …who. like  Harper, seems stuck in the filth that he created, weaving back and forth, up and down, trying to get unstuck, blaming everyone and everything that he doesn’t see in the mirror…


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