Canadian Athletes: Smart Like Tractor, eh, Putin?

Vladimir Putin and the Horror at Canada House

Why are you even surprised, Simon? The  fact that they are involved in the ‘owe-limp-icks’ tells you everything you need to know..they probably shop at MalWarts, and accept endorsement money from any PR hack from any company (can you say ‘Nike?) that gets waved in their faces..These people aren’t about making a statement re homophobia, dictatorships or anything else..the last time the Olympics showed any class at all was Berlin, 1936…since then it’s been nothing but a money-pit for taxpayers. Every time someone is shilling for our money for ‘athletes’ I want to vomit..Our tax dollars should never go to these hyped-up corporate welfare wannabes..

The extent of their ambition is to win a medal, not for their ‘country’ or their personal satisfaction, but so that they can get lucrative endorsement deals..just like the pros, except that we are asked to support them financially unless and until this economic windfall, minus anything like a conscience, comes through due to their good looks or ability to do something a fraction of a second faster than someone else…really?
This Western First World cult of celebrity is nothing more than a substitute for that other opiate, organized religion..and why be shocked and appalled that it’s ‘disciples’ are constantly shilling for mo’ money? Isn’t that what televangelists do in the  name of their mythical gods?


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2 Responses to Canadian Athletes: Smart Like Tractor, eh, Putin?

  1. Simon says:

    hi cityprole…Thanks for the link. I’m glad I’m not the only one who found that scene at Canada House objectionable. Although I would describe my reaction as disappointed rather than surprised. Few things surprise me anymore. I don’t disagree with your characterization of what the Olympics has become. I think the Olympic movement is totally corrupted and the money should be better spent on providing more facilities for ordinary Canadians to improve their fitness, since as you know obesity is a huge health problem in Canada. However, I must object to your characterization of the 1936 Olympics as being ” the last time the Olympics showed any class at all.” For they were the Nazi Games and as you can see from this link from the files of the New York Times, they are totally obscene.

    BTW I notice that your post is similar word for word as a comment left on that post by somebody under the handle mizdarlin. Are you the same person, and if not could you please credit them?
    Thanks again for helping publicize the cause of LGBT people in Russia, we really can’t to enough to support them…

    • cityprole says:

      Yes Simon, I’m also cityprole..your blog wouldn’t let me sign in that way, so my ID is from my crafting blog, also on blogger..I characterized the 1936 Games the way I did because Hitler’s ‘superior white race’ was shown to be the joke it truly was…his pure Aryans were left in the dust by a certain black athlete…you know the rest..that is how you stand up to fascists and bullies, not by kowtowing to them on Twitter…

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