Whores, Bores, and Liberal Cores….

Canada’s opposition NDP open to coalition, Liberals less keen

Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:49pm EST – Reuters

Although in principle I agree that whatever progressives  elected to Parliament should band together in the sense of controlling the votes, I fail to see why, or how, a coalition of ConLites and the NDP can be a good thing..at least as a formal coalition..
There is nothing very progressive about the Liberal agenda, aside from the usual vaporous nothings of Junior Trudeau re decriminalizing  pot and some vague stuff that only he seems to be confident of..what does the guy stand for, anyway? He thinks that Keystone is just fine..wha…? He makes rude jokes about the Ukraine, he has no actual progressive views or by extension, does his party..
Remember, if you please, that what Harper fears is that those who used to vote Liberal and voted for him last time will desert the Cons..for what? Really, are voters that stupid that they cannot tell the difference between Harper and Trudeau and will in any case vote Liberal…what does that mean? That conservatives  suddenly turn, magically, into progressives? Hardly..it means, and we have always known this, that those who might desert the Cons for the Libs are anything but progressives, and are only frightened by the worst excesses of Harper’s merry band of tricksters…they will do nothing to support  any progressive ideas, and Trudeau knows this, so he will never publicly agree to anything like a coalition, for fear of offending these ConLites…and so it goes….
Actually, I think it was rather clever of Mulcair to say what he did..it exposes the Libs and Junior J for what they truly are, crass vote whores who could care less about policy, as long as they regain power…


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One Response to Whores, Bores, and Liberal Cores….

  1. Brachina says:

    What this is really about is Mulcair set up a trap for Justin, which Justin happily stepped into. This is over Liberal-NDP swing voters, all of whom support the idea of a coalition. Mulcair looks reasonable, putting people before personal power and Justin looks arrogant and power hungery, selfish. It also allows Mulcair to say Justin choose Harper over Progressives again, as does that fact that the Liberals voted against the NDPs firemen bill. It allows Mulcair to say the only way to stop Harper is to vote NDP because Justin refuses coalition. A votr for Justin is a vote for Harper.

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