Supremely Satisfying…

The Day Stephen Harper Was Pounded By the Supreme Court

Have to admit I had to read it twice..but yes, Nadon was re-jected byHarper’s own appointees!  Every one of ’em…wow,  it must be Canada, or something….

It’s a good day for Canadian citizens..and  another round of eating crow (poor crow!) for Harper..waaaahhhh!!!!!
Bet Obama is wishing that his Supremes were as supportive of the US Constitution. And, it’s equally wonderful to realize that Harper attempted to ‘stack’ the Court with rightwing judges..but, who could have even fantasized that they actually decided to do the other ‘right’ thing and slap the PM down?  Enjoy the Ukraine, Steve, we can only pray it’s a one way ticket…


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One Response to Supremely Satisfying…

  1. Simon says:

    hi cityprole….thanks for linking to my post. And yes isn’t it great to think that when the smoke cleared the Supreme Court was still standing. While Harper was last seen heading for the Ukraine with his pants on fire. It makes me even more confident that if we play our cards right we will defeat the Cons in the next election. He tried to kill Canada but it was stronger than he was…

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