Canada’s Burger King Kenney Doubles Down

It’s even creepier than you know, Simon..yesterday, our NDP politicians here in BC were speaking to the media after a meeting with the Victoria, BC  TFWs that will “not be getting their work permits renewed or be able to apply for permanent status” now that their Golden Arches jobs will be over  as soon as their current permits expire. Not only have they been working at these low-paying   jobs, but they were obviously lied to about gaining status as immigrants, and so far it has been shown that their permits were simply rubber-stamped, over and over…so those temporary workers were to be kept in laissez-faire limbo for the foreseeable future if someone hadn’t blown the whistle…
It sounds very much like the sort of thing that happens to those other ‘foreign workers’  young, impoverished Eastern European women who get conned into being brought here as prostitutes after being told that good jobs await them..and are held in servitude till the 12th of never..
This is beyond atrocious..and who was that sweaty, pasty-faced critter on the news last night insisting that temporary foreign workers were ‘mistaken’ if they thought that their slave labour was the road to permanent immigration status? Yep, Kenney, and how was it that these workers were convinced of this lie? Could it be part of the recruitment agenda in their own country? And will this  ‘democratic’ government ever allow is to know the truth?


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