Cons Whine, Mulcair Shines….

Not for the first time, I can find little in print to refer to as I usually do, because of all the sickening Con-licking going on lately in the my personal impressions of the parliamentary attempt at barbecuing Mulcair re that huge (non) scandal regarding the funding of constituency offices vs party offices are simply my own… One of the knocks against Mulcair as the new leader of the NDP was his supposed inability to control his temper..from what I saw, he did an admirable job, and  the CBC TV  program, ‘Power and Politics,’ did an (expected)  disservice to the Opposition by turning this whole tempest in a teapot into a ridiculous OJ-level bag of non-sleaze..but that is what their overlords wished…and what once fairly moderate talking heads like Evan Solomon have now agreed to do, I suppose to keep their jobs… Mulcair has risen in my estimation; I wasn’t quite sure about an ex-Liberal as a leader for the NDP, but I’m beginning to (nope, I continue to) marvel at the intelligence and foresight of Jack Layton, who after all picked Mulcair as his successor.. Layton understood what was coming, and he certainly made a wise selection..I was really disappointed at the time, and now I stand corrected.. Mulcair rocks!


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3 Responses to Cons Whine, Mulcair Shines….

  1. chrisc says:

    Seriously?? Layton’s “Chosen One” was Brian Topp, not Mulcair!!

  2. Simon says:

    hi cityprole…I completely agree with you, Mulcair was extremely impressive, and I can’t believe that the MSM went along with that Con farce. Dragging the Leader of the Opposition before a kangaroo court like that one, for the first time in Canadian history is absolutely outrageous and an attack on Parliament itself. But the way I see it it may have given Harper a sicko thrill, but in the long run it will be just another nail in the Con coffin…

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