Dirty Oil Wars…..This is Just the Beginning



Here in BC, we appreciate any and all support for this issue..but where is the rest of the country on all the damage this MonsterCon has caused? They can’t all be the drooling knuckle-draggers of Ford Nation, but I have to wonder if it isn’t already too late…the people of Canada, in general, seem so passive that they come across as catatonic..
Where is the energy to fight? I remember back in the 70’s hitting the bricks on a regular basis to fight Trudeau’s price and wage controls, to protest war, to stop the Forestry Creeps from denuding the landscape..now, where is the fight in this country?
I hope you are right, Simon,  that the people will rise up, but have to admit I fear the worst..still, BC is very militant when threatened, and if we have to do it alone, so be it…
And anyone who thinks that it’s impossible for a North American leader to use the Armed Forces against their own people need only look to the South, anyone out there remember Kent State, where students protesting the war were gunned down, murdered by the National Guard?…not to mention our own Mounties, who often  seem to have entirely lost respect for the people they swear to serve..the police have also become tools in the arsenal of the 1%….somehow we’ll have to be up against that, as well..

June’s ‘announcement’ (a fait accompli) will only be the beginning of a long hot summer of  fightback…may we all have the courage and  determination to stop this insanity.


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2 Responses to Dirty Oil Wars…..This is Just the Beginning

  1. Simon says:

    hi mizdarlin…thanks for linking to my post. You know, just because I am always looking for the light in the darkness, or the pony in the manure, doesn’t mean that I don’t share your concerns about the bleak political situation. Or ask myself all the time why the inhabitants of a big young nation that took so much effort to carve out of the frozen wilderness, are so small and passive in the face of such horror. Part of the reason I suppose is that we are an aging country, with an average age of almost fifty, compared to the 60s for example when the average age was under thirty. But that doesn’t explain why young people are so passive when their interests are being ignored, and their future threatened. It would be very easy to give up, and concentrate on the others causes and interests in my life. I’m more of a dreamy would be artist than I am a political partisan, I’d rather play than fight these days AND I’m lazy. 😉
    But I just can’t give up. I love this incredibly frustrating, but amazingly beautiful country too much. I curse its people every day, feel like banging my head against a wall all the time, but I will not see killed, and I will not give the Cons the satisfaction.
    I’m sure this madness comes from my Scottish background, and the grand tradition of fighting for your freedom for a thousand years. And losing almost every battle, but still staggering back minus an arm or a leg, to keep on fighting.
    And in this peaceful kingdom, so raped by those Con vandals, I feel I can’t remain silent. As lonely and as tiring as blogging can be, I just have to say SOMETHING.
    I also know that we are approaching a critical point in human history. The capitalist system is collapsing from inequality and corruption, just as the planet itself is under attack by climate change , caused by our monstrous greed. So either we draw the line soon, or we’ll end up in a nightmare world most people can’t even imagine.
    As for the Kent State thing…I find it hard to imagine that Canadian soldiers could intimidate let alone shoot their own people. But if trouble erupts along the construction route, in the wilderness, Harper will call the army in to protect it, and ANYTHING could happen. People should remember Oka, and how close it came to catastrophe.
    So yeah, whether we like it or not, we must all join the struggle to defeat that dangerous and un-Canadian Con regime. Now is a chance for this complacent country to redeem itself, and regain its self respect. I know we can do it, but it is now or never…

  2. FFIBS says:

    “And anyone who thinks that it’s impossible for a North American leader to use the Armed Forces against their own people need only look to the South”

    Or just look at the G20 Police riot.

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