Damned If You Do….


Ontario Election: Horwath answers NDP insiders criticizing campaign

Letter to NDP leader says group is ‘seriously considering’ not voting for party


I recently read comments of one of our few elected BC Greens, a man I initially cheered for,  talking about the inevitability of the Enbridge pipeline being constructed, and that he supported the idea of one of our resident zillionaires building and operating a refinery on the West Coast.  Yes, a Green politician said that…I was furious, decided unless May shot him down immediately, I would go back to my  habit of supporting the NDP no matter what…there was a deafening silence from Elizabeth May..This is the kind of thing that makes me crazy about politicians of every stripe..the lack of consultation with the people who put you in office, the blatant disregard for the overwhelming opposition to the pipeline that exists on every level in BC is apparently not even worth considering…I will bide my time, and wait to ask my questions when the opportunity presents itself. This MLA just set back the Green movement  for years…and  bolstered the belief, held by many progressives, that Greens are merely disaffected Tories swathed in Greenwash….

While I have to say that I agree with the Ontario progressives that not voting for the Liberal budget was puzzling at best, who can say what would have happened if the NDP had supported Wynne? Like so many other budget promises, if those progressive parts of the budget had not been acted upon would they be screaming at Horvath for supporting the budget in the face of past Liberal corruption? Seems like these Ontario progressives just shot themselves in the foot…what possible reason would they have to write such a letter, what outcome could they expect? I consider myself a progressive in every way, and if the party I supported were to act in a way that was contrary to my beliefs, I might write a letter to someone, but I sure wouldn’t publicize it…especially not during an election..

I wonder who these people will be voting for….Hudak?
Between this insanity and Rob Ford, one has to wonder what is in the water in Ontario…outside of Walkerton….



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3 Responses to Damned If You Do….

  1. kirbycairo says:

    I think you are underestimating the level of disaffection with the NDP among its core supporters. It is not confined to these events and people have, for a long time, been dissatisfied with Horwath’s leadership for many reasons. Furthermore, I believe that your “who knows what would have happened” is a straw-man argument at best. First of all these were not election promises but central parts of a budget bill and the Liberals would have had to go out of their way NOT to follow them. When a party you normally support shifts fundamentally, it is a moral responsibility to openly disagree with its leaders, and not to do so is, in fact, what defines the very problem of the FPTP Party system. From a practical point of view, every NDPer I know is saying publicly or privately that they are probably going to vote Liberal, particularly in ridings where there is a good chance of a Liberal victory over Conservatives. If my anecdotal experience is anything to go by the NDP is headed for major losses. Horwath’s actions will also be key to the loss of Olivia Chow’s seat to the Liberals, people are just that pissed off.

    • cityprole says:

      Since I am not from Ontario, it would be impossible for me to over-or-under-estimate anything regarding the popularity, or lack thereof, of any political party…
      While I agree vehemently that the NDP seems to have lost its way not only in Ontario but here in BC as well, I feel that, again, to publicize this discontent during an election is suicidal to any positive change..I am beginning to understand why those in the East feel so confident about Junior Trudeau winning the next Federal election, since the NDP is all but counted out.
      You only have to look at the political wasteland that is BC to foresee what will happen in other areas..what once was a bastion of support for the progressive side of things (BC) has instead turned into a corporate dynasty that only labels itself Liberal to fool some of the people some of the time…Christy Clark gets her marching orders from the PMO, I’m thoroughly convinced…and my sarcasm regarding Hudak was just that, sarcasm…
      I’m guessing that like many or most of those who go into politics, leaders are only interested in getting elected, not necessarily in legislating the will of their followers..
      Have to admit it’s nice that a couple of people in Ontario read this..and nice to hear from non-celeb progressives about what is happening outside BC…

  2. Anon says:

    The letter from these 34 people suggested clearly that they would NOT be voting Conservative especially after what they had said about Hudak: surprised you missed that part.

    For them to publicize their letter during an election campaign, they must have been extremely frustrated with their party’s leadership. Their letter suggested to me that they would not be voting NDP especially after Horvath’s refusal to acknowledge their complaints.

    We shall see if Horvath will prevail: I suspect not. I suspect if the polls show Hudak about to win, there will be a collapse in NDP votes which will go to the Liberals to block Hudak. I am reading about substantial unhappiness in the unions with Horvath pulling the plug on a Liberal budget that appeared considerably friendly to the working population (pension and increase in taxes for high income earners).

    I am surprised that Horvath did not at least acknowledge the possibility that she might have delivered power into the hands of Hudak. It led me to wonder whether she had received the correct advice or she was ignoring good advice.

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