RoboCalls vs SnailMail…..No Traction without Distraction…

NDP mass mailings broke House rules, Speaker confirms

House administrators to advise all-party Board of Internal Economy on possible remedies

By Kady O’Malley, CBC News Posted: Jun 03, 2014 9:39 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 03, 2014 9:39 AM ET

Another fascinating chapter in the Con strategy of distracting from the Robo-Call trial going on  right now..nothing like tossing a little dirt in the path of the Opposition to distract the voters from what may be a fascinating little bit of questioning  of Sona’s pals and colleagues.  Who knows,  I have yet to see a single Parliamentary mailout that isn’t an advertisement for a political party, whichever one it is doing the mailouts..and the Speaker  being implicit in this tomfoolery does not speak well for the dignity (or what is left of it) of that office..but there is nothing that the Cons won’t stoop to in their pursuit of power.

Hopefully, the NDP will counter with demands for a forensic audit of  Harper’s million dollar hype-machine  jaunt to Israel and the token  Middle East about bloated and ridiculous..


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One Response to RoboCalls vs SnailMail…..No Traction without Distraction…

  1. Troy says:

    At this point, I wonder if any of the political parties are going to bother with legality. The Conservatives have broken so many election rules, it’s a wonder the rest of the parties have bothered following them, either.
    I would rather the next election not be some damn circus, but if the Conservatives are going to continue flaunting the rules and skirting the law, then perhaps the Green, NDP, and Liberals should follow their lead. They seem to do so on everything else, anyhow.

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