Winner, Winner – BCTF for Liberal Dinner….



B.C. teachers’ strike fund running out ahead of vote

Union has enough cash to finance a few more days of rotating strikes

By Stephen Smart, CBC News Posted: Jun 06, 2014 7:50 AM PT


A shrunken strike fund is exactly what the Provincial government was planning on..they knew that dragging the BCTF through the so-called ‘courts’ would deplete the once -healthy fund, and then they simply asked for, and received, a a pass on the big fine imposed on the government when they lost the case…a fine which would have gone a long way toward funding a very valid strike (that the government perpetrated) by denying them the dignity and conditions that teachers deserve…And let’s not forget the LRB, that bastion of fairness,  deciding that the BC gLibs can arbitrarily dock the pay of teachers who are working, just doing a bit less instead of walking out altogether, which is what should have really happened…but wait…they couldn’t afford’s just a vicious circle, isn’t it?

I will never understand why the BC Liberals keep getting elected, or why they even bother to call themselves anything but what they are…Cons in sheep’s clothing…The teachers of this Province, not to mention the students and the parents, deserve so much more…and they will continue to get so much less that I can see a US style school system  here in the long run, with poorly paid and completely unmotivated teachers droning through the State-sanctioned curriculum churning out illiterates, mailing it in because there is little reason to do anything else…

I should know, I grew up in the States and luckily for me, was self-motivated  because by  my high school years, school was monotonous, gray, and uninspiring, just getting through it was a real chore. I foresee the same thing happening here, and it’s sad and unnecessary..

Let’s see, nurses who work themselves into burnout being forced into even more hours and patients per shift so that the government can hire less-trained staff to supposedly do the jobs that nurses don’t need to do…the last time I was in hospital, a woman who spoke little English came in the dispense meds late one night, and gave everyone on the ward the wrong stuff…if a couple of us had been less awake, there could have been a disaster…she wasn’t a registered, certified nurse , as it turned out..One of those ‘practical’  ones that were ‘assisting’ by dispensing meds laid out simply to be given to patients…

Now we have teachers being told that the industrialization of the education system will continue, with closures and even larger classrooms, teachers expected to work 16 hour days and  ‘volunteer’ for extra-curricular activities on top of all that..

Try and remember this when it comes time to, once again, turf the Liberals here, and the Cons  in Ottawa…although I doubt if we’ll even have the power, or the good sense,  to do that much, the way things are going.  If the  Provincial government can legally bankrupt a union by litigating them to death, it is a win-win for them, even when they lose…the Courts have become so lax with the ‘ elected’ that even a ruling against them is a ruling that will cost the ‘winner’ but not the long as the ‘loser’ is the government..


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