Hey MacDougall, Try Google!


Commenters snipe from sidelines, but the kids in short pants are all right

It’s time to name and shame anonymous commenters who insult people working to improve Canada

By Andrew MacDougall, for CBC News Posted: Jun 13, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 13, 2014 5:00 AM ET


MacDougall, finish eating that big ol’ hunka steamin’  Ontario crow before you whine about anything else…and BTW, although I may use a nom de plume when commenting (don’t tweet, that’s for twits) or blogging, any time you want to find out who I am, just go to one of your rich social media owner/supporters/Con donors and get my info…oh, wait, the Supreme Court just slapped you down on that one too, didn’t they?

What is it about Cons?  The concept of freedom of the press, the free exercise of opinion, the analysis of a government gone wildly right and attempting to destroy our country and it’s basic tenets (progressive, by the way, MacDougall) is ‘insulting’?

I am terrifically insulted by  so many things that Cons do, it would be difficult to list them all, but, if you contact me, MacD (may I call you MacD?) I’ll be glad to list them for you, in any sort of order that you prefer….


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One Response to Hey MacDougall, Try Google!

  1. diamondwalker says:

    (as Posted in comment to Northern Reflections before seeing your timely article..
    & yes I post, write, comment under various nom de plume & may be a dreaded sock puppet therefore.. & an artist, or an amphibian activist.. but I remain non partisan, choosing instead to participate as a concerned Canadian re Environment, ecosystems, fairplay, democracy, understanding and curiosity )

    .. before going off on an angry anti-Harper rant.. or sayonara to Hudak.. or encouraging Doug Ford or his brother to enter the Big Top tent of ‘Conservative’ value circus attendants.. I will post this ..


    Why ? Why post this to you.. ? Well, it leaped from the page (screen) at me.. as thorough, important Canadian journalism

    Bloggers such as yourself & all the rest o the usual suspects.. plus evolving MSM journos like Justin Ling.. and established (salaried or contract) writers, Maher for example.. face the same problem most ‘everyday citizens’ (Poilievre – as opposed to not every day citizens) face.

    That being, pulling individual acts of The Harper Government out of the neverending Secrecy & Deceit & Obstruction Royal Redaction & Denial Cesspool.. and resolving or swallowing such acts.

    Hell, even Coyne says they arrive daily, in clumps now.

    Then we catch CBC allowing Andrew MacDougall, safely jettisoned to London England as a ‘Senior Whorever’ to harangue anonymous or concerned Canadians for whining about Harper & his Short Pants pimps in the PMO

    Sheeshky !


    Connect & compare the mealy Harper Loyalist diatribe to the reality exposed by Justin Ling, shake & don’t stir.. and one is left with a disturbed vision. Mine being.. some alert Canadian Forces NCO or Staff Sergeant questioning what desk jockey PMO dick, under senior orders from above, tasked this asinine, reckless undemocratic spy mission down the chain of command.

    Maybe its one for Mound to explain ..
    But I for one would love for Andrew MacDougall or Peter MacKay or Stephen Harper to explain
    why They.. and.. The Boys In Short Pants are Okay.. cuz they aint

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