Chretien’s Lesson for the Harper at the Gate(way)

Northern Gateway decision holds no easy political options for Harper

On the controversial B.C. pipeline, PM can say yes, no or not yet, but all answers come with a cost

By Max Paris, CBC News Posted: Jun 16, 2014 6:02 PM ET Last Updated: Jun 16, 2014 11:13 PM ET

All this bleating about Harper having such a tough decision is nonsense..and, to cap it off, he will have, in one action, guaranteed himself a chance for re-election by not approving it..just like Christy Clark did by denying support without meeting some tough conditions…
Let’s get real here, Albertans will vote for the Cons no matter what they do, and BCers like me do not want to know about this dirty bitumen being pumped across our Province and into our coastline (inevitable) and we will fight it with everything we have..and that is a considerable amount of  force..and Harper knows it.
Jean Chretien did one thing that made me forgive almost everything else..he kept Canada out of Iraq. No matter what else happened thereafter, he  was a hero, briefly, in my books, for putting the country ahead of US oil interests…
If Harper were to do the same by vetoing the pipeline, he would insure his place in the country’s history by putting our land first instead of supporting oil interests on this one issue..and, much as I dislike him and everything about his government, I would be the first one ( but not the last) to applaud him publicly for doing the right thing, and not the Right thing, for once….


Well, to no one’s surprise, Harper did the worst thing possible and endorsed the bitumen flowing….time for us to gear up for the inevitable fightback.

A couple of points on a personal’s way past time to start putting our morality where our bucks  live…keep it  in your wallet when you know that a company is supporting this pipeline..the BC Chamber of Commerce fell all over themselves endorsing it this evening, and that isn’t a surprise either, most Chambers of Commerce seem to  make the harperCons look mildly right wing by comparison and they have let us know that it’s all about Commerce, and to hell with the Province, the environment, people  and the  animals trying to live on this Coast and inland.

Get with the fightback program and support those who are fighting any way you can.


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3 Responses to Chretien’s Lesson for the Harper at the Gate(way)

  1. FFIBS says:

    Harper could come up with a cure for cancer and he would not be re-elected. Of course his cure would most likely involve rubbing black tar all over your body, so as a BCer I would get ready for battle.

    • cityprole says:

      I agree..but then, who ever imagined that Chretien would keep us out of Iraq? Not me, and have to say i was impressed..
      Harper couldn’t impress me under any circs, but I would be happy for him to see sense, just once…
      I think all of us in BC are at least physchologically getting ready for battle…

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