Desperation and Distraction, but a Little Satisfaction?

Two things have me momentarily distracted these days, and both are all about the lack of traction that the Cons are getting from attacking both Junior and the NDP..vis a vis the ‘scandal’ that never was re their supposed illegal Parliamentary postal charge avoidance..what happened with that?
Sadly (IMHO) the NDP are falling in the polls, yes, but I think that redemption may be at hand, at least in the form of continuing to be the Loyal Opposition after Junior’s team get elected..yes, I fear the writing is on the wall, I honestly don’t think that Mulcair will be our next PM because the concept of strategic voting seems ingrained now, among those who will do anything to un-elect the Cons…..
Whatever the outcome, it will be fabulous to see those ConJobs tossed on their respective rears.
Then again, last night I saw a tape of Rob (the Slob) Ford walking around glad-handing supporters, women with children in their arms acting as if he were some sort of Hollywood celeb, posing for pictures, selfies etc…I find that shocking beyond belief but it shows they are still out there, and probably willing to vote, too, so who knows, truly, if Harper will lose? Most of us cannot conceive of anything worse than another era of Cons, but unless and until people are truly willing to get out and vote, not just, whine, snivel, satirize and make sure that they have the cool jeans for the season, but get off their collective asses and be the change they say they want to see…all this is for squat. Anew slogan might just be – never mind the selfies, how about a little self-respect? The pundits always go on and on about how  seniors are keeping the Cons in power, which I think is  ridiculous, I’m a senior and all I know practically are seniors and none of them would ever vote for those ain’t about who does vote for who, it’s about who doesn’t vote at all…and they are the ones who really piss me off.

Nope I will absolutely not stop going on and on about this…at least not until after the next Federal election, when I hope I am  going to be congratulating and thanking the populace for performing what should be, again IMHO. a mandatory duty to vote. Although I agree in principle that our system needs a huge change to make democracy valid (something along the lines of Scandinavian socialism would be a good start) the problem is that capitalism trumps democracy every time, if voters aren’t willing to do the absolute minimum ever few years…and we all know  deep down inside that we can never change it with a rightwing whack job in power….

So let’s all do the right thing, instead of the rightwing thing, and get  out the vote, and vote ourselves….it’s kinda like vacuuming, nobody wants to drag the damn thing out of the closet and  unwind the stupid cord and hump it around the house…but everybody eventually gets tired of living in their self-produced dirt..benign neglect is no excuse.  Let’s all be sure, come the next  election , to groan, stand up and shuffle off to the polling booth and do what little we can to preserve what little we have left….while we still can.

And try to remember that Harper tried to gut Elections Canada to prevent them from advertising re getting out and voting..they know that the fewer people who vote, the longer they stay in power…



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