The Sins of The Fathers….

Scotland, Gaza, and the Shameful Silence of So Many Canadians

 Montreal Simon Blog  Friday August 1st



I share Simon’s horror at the silence….and I wonder if this is what it felt like for Jews during the critical times of WW2 when they were desperately seeking refuge in other countries, and Canada, to its eternal shame, turned its back on them, as did many other countries..or ignored heir plight altogether.

This current insanity  is brought to us by those who, only recently,went  through he same horror themselves. How quickly  history is forgotten, even personal history,  and now, every Holocaust museum, every fundraiser for Israel here in the West, ever retelling of  Hitler’s genocide, will ring hollow….Israel has  self-immolated on the altar of bigotry, paranoia and self-interest..I can ‘t stand to look at media anymore regarding is too devastating..

Listening to a recording of Obama, that supposed paragon of progressive views, that  man of the people who may not be from the American South, but who certainly knows what this sort of madness is about from the collective experience of all US people of colour, was heard last night intoning in his  monotonous way “…and Hamas must immediately release that Israeli soldier…” yet mentioned nothing about  those murdered Palestinian children…the whole world has seemingly gone mad…..

Yet again, I ponder that terribly valid old saying, that those  who learn nothing from history are condemned to repeat it (endlessly….)



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