SuperCrusty and the Lazy Opposition Don’t Come to Blows

B.C. teachers’ strike: Union rejects premier’s demand to suspend strike

Union says government remains entrenched, inflexibile and unwilling to bargain.

CBC News Posted: Sep 03, 2014 10:51 AM PT Last Updated: Sep 04, 2014 7:58 AM PT

All of you 5 cent a comment Liberal trolls can say and think what you like, but here are the facts..and how do I know? Because the gov’t tactics mirror those of almost any organization out there with a union that has had enough…ignore them for months at a time, refuse to set any dates for bargaining until a week before a crucial date, in this case the start of the regular school year, act as if you have been ‘working really hard’ to solve the dilemma, but in reality Fassbender has been doing nothing, biding his time until the voters start getting anxious, then Crusty comes to his ‘defense,’ whining about how ‘hard’ he’s been working..he has done nothing but collect the taxpayers’ money all summer, with a few odd photo ops thrown in…
No wonder Ready walked away..nothing has changed, folks, nothing to see here..anyone remember the last civic strike in Vancouver..same song second verse..they starved us back to work, but the public was so angry at the then Mayor, Sullivan, that he got turfed next election…if only we could count on Crusty being turfed along with her bunch of useless cabinet lackeys…but the memory is too short in this Province, and the hopes that this thing will be settled in time for a decent school year seems far far away…

And, hey, NDP, tired of voting for you, , when you do nothing during this disgraceful situation, just the usual say-nothing -while-the gov’t-screws-itself routine of’s that worked out for you so far?  What, another Lieberal majority? Gasp!!!

Don’t just sit back and do nothing during  still another term of office as  Opposition..offer up something, put a bit of that research money you get into  a plan that can see a compromise from both are still supposed to be representing all voters, no matter what side of the Leg you sit would be good for parents, students and teachers to have a little something progressive to look at, something positive that they could take to the table, and something that would embarrass the hell out of the Lieberals..isn’t that your job?

I’m betting that the BCTF has  muffled the NDP at this point, but unless and until the government decides to get off it’s butt and actually bargain, the kids are the ones who have no education…and no one can afford that for long…


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