Back Door Justice on a Friday Afternoon….

NDP forces Commons debate on murdered, missing indigenous women

Conservative-controlled committee didn’t recommend public inquiry but NDP seized debate opportunity

By Kady O’Malley, CBC News Posted: Sep 19, 2014 2:44 PM ET Last Updated: Sep 19, 2014 5:12 PM ET

Ffinally, the NDP comes through in a  wonderfully calculated move that both highlighted the need for a public inquiry, and beat the Cons at their own game..timing is everything.

Anyone who thinks that the NDP isn’t ready for Prime Time better think again…

Probably your best blog to date, Simon..I feel exactly as you do..used to have a bumper sticker (common back in the day here in BC) that said “BC is Indian land” and of course, got my car vandalized and trashed because of it…’
The crap spewed in the media about the ‘kinder, gentler’ country that we supposedly are, free of all the problems that plague our Southern neighbors, is just not true..we have racism, classism and anti-gay and anti-women rhetoric in spades..just not as blatant, but definitely still there..
When the murdered/missing prostitutes from Vancouver were constantly in the news, there was a serious call for an inquiry, but they were only hookers, no one in power cared (or were afraid to ‘out’ their pals as patrons, which is more my guess…) and when after years, they finally arrested Willie Pickton, it seemed blatantly obvious that, although he admitted his own guilt, he probably didn’t do it alone…
My theory, amateurish and far-fetched though it may be,  is that whoever was acting with him might be acting still, and targeting these aboriginal women..but we’ll never know if things don’t change..and Emperor Steve and his KeystoneCons aren’t interested in the truth..their law and order rhetoric apparently doesn’t extend to First Nations  women, just their  rich pals…

MP Romeo Saganash  was brilliant and made the personal  a public outcry for justice…let’s hope something comes of it..and thank you NDP for  creating the wherewithal to get this back in the public sphere, where it belongs…let’s finally have some justice , the kind Canada is supposedly so famous for, the kind that can go a long way to making us proud of our country again.


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  1. Tɦanks for finally talking ɑbout >Baсk Door Justice οn а Fridɑy Afternoon.
    | Left Oveг <Loved it!

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