Vancouver Sun: Let’s Give ‘Em Subban to Talk About…

Vancouver Sun’s Jordan Subban photo caption sparks outrage

Newspaper posted photo online calling Vancouver Canuck ‘dark guy in the middle’

CBC News Posted: Sep 24, 2014 7:41 AM PT Last Updated: Sep 24, 2014 8:25 AM PT


The Vancouver Sun is doing what they do..they always feel the need to talk ethnicity, and race is always a factor, just like it portrays its women subjects based on their looks or what they wear, rather than what they are really in the news for…unless of course you are Mayor Watts from Surrey, a Con supporter and wannabe FedCon…then she gets all sorts of publicity…but her looks? Never mentioned…

While Americans get castigated, almost daily, and rightfully so,  for the idiocy of their owners (and players) regarding racial issues, the problem is obviously alive and well and  rearing its ugly head in Canada…not for the first time. English  football (soccer) as well has had its share of racially motivated one has learned much  over the years, and Canadians, so famously tolerant in their reputations, have just joined the rest of the world  in casual racist comments, printed unthinkingly and then  forced into retracting them…too late.

The Subbans have a rich hockey history and no one needs to make light of their heritage, in any way, for any some respect!


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