Take the Keys and Lock ‘Em Up…..

Lock up chronic runaways to keep them safe: Winnipeg police officer

The longer they are on the street, the worse it becomes for them, says Supt. Danny Smyth

CBC News Posted: Sep 30, 2014 4:11 PM CT Last Updated: Sep 30, 2014 4:11 PM CT

At what point do the police  have the ability to lock up anyone for any reason, to save themselves some aggravation? How about dealing with the reasons for chronic runaways at the source, instead of this obviously useless style of warehousing them??
There are many reasons for children to be runaways, and yes, I am speaking from experience..started at 12, and a few more times before I became old enough to stop running and take care of myself..there were reasons for what I did, just as there are reasons for what any runaway does, but locking me up and handing me over to whoever was ‘in charge’ was never the answer then (50 years ago) and it still isn’t…
When parents are held morally and legally responsible for their children’s well-being, things might change…when children are educated about being good parents, and have good models at home, maybe things will change…
Until then, the cycle continues…and it is depressing to know that not much has changed since I was a runaway, all those years ago.

When  those on the Right who want to advocate against birth control, abortion , etc. open their maws and start braying, I wonder how many of them  are speaking about  anything they have experienced…an unwanted pregnancy, an inability to cope with  a child for economic or  emotional reasons,  a single parent struggling to  support their child(ren) or  have they ever experienced  an abusive relationship,  one  where you and/or  your child is being threatened with physical or sexual  assault…?

Can anyone state  categorically that  any of these people are in a stable  family situation?

And the children who continue  to run from these situations should be locked up?


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