Your Call Is, Truly, Unimportant to Us, Stay on the Line..or Hang Up, we Don’t Care…

Customer service is becoming more Kafkaesque by the day

Companies like to deflect problems with call-centre bureaucracy then use social media to show they’re just like us. They’re not



Here is an article i read in the Guardian, and  though it  mostly centers on  corporate phone reps,  governments everywhere have truly learned much at the  foot of their corporate masters….

I realize that it helps no one to point this out, but it’s truly Kafkaesque, all over the world now..
Even so-called local phone reps cannot seem to give you a straight answer, and getting mad and giving up, is, I’m sure, the ultimate goal for the companies and government bureaucracies hiding behind these people who only want to collect a paycheque…although I do get angry (happened, again, yesterday, this time with a local governmental bureaucratic screw-up) …I treat it like a game now, to entertain myself while they twist in the wind, trying to come up with something, anything, to make me hang up and go away…when I finally point out to them what probably caused the screw-up in the first place, they get really anxious…and quickly give me something practical to do and they hang up first…You have to be persistent, and try to channel your anger into some quiet sarcasm re the government, the corporation, etc. to get them to respond in your favour, not theirs…it’s pathetic and painful, but what options do we have?

This is, actually, the second time that this particular (Provincial)  group has done me in…and I’m willing to bet that they know it, know why, and are making excuses for it because they are inundated with complaints now about lost applications, changes of address, etc etc…and all because these right wingers think that  laying off a bunch of public sector workers is good politics… now they reap what they sow in frustration and  anger, not to mention that, for some, their screw-ups cause real hardship…and on their website, the BC government recently announced a ‘joint’  supplementary addition of millions to the program with both their Fed overlords and  the Province…evidently, none of it going to salaries to help clean up the mess they have in-house…nope, won’t identify this particular program..but their  various announcements while you wait, interminably, on hold, (to speak to an actual person) include the edifying message that if you had applied for the program before June of this year, they have  you in the system, if not, they are backlogged…just like our   medical system, things are falling behind, dropping through the cracks…but when challenged about these things in  the Legislature or Parliament,  the leader intones that the money being spent on these programs has increased…not exactly an answer one can pin  one’s hopes on, since none of that extravagance seems to filter down to us…..


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