Money for Nothin’ and Your Work for Free…

Poloz’s prescription for unemployed youth: Work for free

Anyone familiar with British politics has heard it all before..the government of Cameron, right wing  nutjob with an unspeakable ‘coalition’ of Lib-Dems (sorta like our BC Socred-Libs) forced those without jobs to work for nothing in dead-end companies to  get any sort of financial government help..not enough to live on or pay rent..sound familiar?

All these half- baked regressive policies are leftovers from any rightwing government you’d care to mention..and union-busting is deeply entrenched in any Con’s philosophy…things here are going so badly that disaffected youth will have to be forced to vote, if they vote at all..

Now that their fantasies of  overpriced dirty bitumen sluggishly rolling out forever, along with  sick dreams of fracking our  country to death for LNG have gone the way of the dodo due to turgid demand and  other discoveries elsewhere (more conducive to corporate exploitation,) Dear Leader and his Conminions are  at a loss for any other possible job opportunities, with the attendant tax grab opportunities,  for  anyone anymore..
Look what is happening in the States where things are actually marginally better – in the years after the Bush disasters, voters are returning a Republican majority to both the House and the’s as if the West is drowning in masochism, beat me, tie me up, ruin my life, destroy my country…mmmm….hurts so good…
As old as I am and as stubborn as I am and as decidedly progressive as I am…getting a really bad feeling about what awaits us all in the coming is as if the West just wants to self-destruct.


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