Penalty and Entitlement….

Bill Cosby’s pound cake, Ferguson and the dubious politics of personal responsibility

The cases are unrelated, but there are parallels. The power of the accused is set against the credibility of the victim


Still another comparison is the  penalty for  the powerful  committing violence against women and the penalty for damaging or stealing property…
When the rights of one group are used and abused by the powerful elites in control, there is a isn’t about looting and fighting as a purposeful act, it is a kind of last chance rebuttal to injustice,  a commentary on the material, which elites in capitalist societies hold dear…their property…

Alternatively, rape a woman, and, if the victims are actually even able to get a conviction, get a few years, but rob a bank?
Look at the sentences in the so called free world for violent crimes against non elites…and then compare them with crimes against contest as to which type our culture comes down on, hard…
When the non-elites (and they are legion) feel helpless and hopeless, they often attack that which is most precious to their overseers, and that is property..they steal what they could never afford to buy, but are programmed by advertising to desire nonetheless..
When a person of colour is killed for little reason by the stooges who work for the elites (and that is what many police forces have become, mercenary guardians of the precious property of the elites) then how can they feel that justice is not denied them, that there is anything like a level playing field..?
As for Cosby castigating the poor for their poverty, like all rich people everywhere, his politics have soured into a selfish sense of self-entitlement…he is rich and powerful, ergo, he can say and do what he likes, and exploiting vulnerable women has always been the milieu of the rich and powerful throughout history, nothing new there..

Apparently, the only time  a person of colour  can  evade justice, or get justice, is if  he is also an elite… and if that person is a woman,  of any colour or ethnic background,  there is little or no justice to be had when it comes to  sexual predation… but that’s another discussion…



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