Reflections on Defections….



MP Glenn Thibeault’s defection leaves the NDP feeling ‘hurt’

Sudbury MP’s decision to join provincial Liberals leaves former party searching for answers

By Rosemary Barton, CBC News Posted: Dec 18, 2014 11:00 AM ET Last Updated: Dec 18, 2014 11:00 AM ET

9 Wildrose MLAs, including Danielle Smith, cross to Alberta Tories

Progressive Conservative members say they’re willing to look beyond past grievances

CBC News Posted: Dec 17, 2014 11:09 AM MT Last Updated: Dec 18, 2014 9:36 AM MT


I think that ex=NDP Thibeault crossing the floor to the Liberals was typical political expediency, although the fact that he was caucus chair gives one pause….was he some sort of plant, originally? A conclusion that could make sense…while everyone is clutching their bosom at this ‘appalling’ turn of events, let’s not  forget that Mulcair  once switched parties, too….
Still, what happened in Alberta is hardly the same say that there is no ‘opposition’ left in Alberta is to say that the so-called Wild Rose Party was anything like an opposition, more like Right and Rightier…they are all joining forces because the dirty oil writing is on the wall..the Cons will bomb out in Alberta long-term, because the oil sands are now so unprofitable, and will be for the foreseeable future..It will now cost more to produce their dirty bitumen than it’s worth on the market, with all the new reserves being in competition, world-wide. Already, there are layoffs looming in the energy sector, and certainly more to come… Prentice probably has one more election left in him, and then, once the unemployed start getting restless, things will probably change…but even rightwing Wild Rose  whackjobs recognize that their employment as career politicians might be threatened by appearing even more tea-party than their counterparts…

The one big positive I can see from all this is that a decrease in tar sands  extraction will be an improvement for the environment… and all those newly unemployed workers will be screaming for the jobs  all those foreign workers  are getting now..the best-laid plans, eh, Emperor Steve?


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2 Responses to Reflections on Defections….

  1. Brachina says:

    Tom Mulcair did not switch parties, the Quebec Liberal Party and Federal Liberals are not the same party. There is no Quebec NDP yet, and in fact one is allowed to be both an NDP member and a member of the Quebec Liberal Party, or the PQ, Vert (Quebec Greens), CAQ, QS, or other party in Quebec that does not require one be member of Federal Party other then the NDP.

    So please stop spreading misinformation, its not the same thing at all.

    As Wildrose merging with the PCs, the Oil Price angle is not one I’ve heard before, but it makes sense, its too much to be an accident. After all she suggested that she did it to make sure a Liberal or NDP government would never happen, right now there is no evidence that is likely to happen based on polls, but perhaps she’s smelt the wind, and sees how the Price of Oil will change the game in Alberta, forcing them to face reality for the first time kn decades.

    • cityprole says:

      I’m hardly spreading ‘misinformation,’ this is considered to be an established fact, regardless of the ins and outs of Quebec political philosophy…but I will happily bow to your superior knowledge of whatever tortuous means one becomes anything in any province not my in BC, our provincial ‘Liberals’ are nothing but HarperCons by any other name, so I do understand (sort of) what you are saying, but I was obviously (mis)informed that Mulcair had once been a member of the Federal Liberals..thanks for straightening that out…I’m more confused than ever…
      It would be equally difficult, however, to argue against the blatant right wing (or, centralist, if one prefers that term) swing of the NDP since Mulcair took over, and although it saddens me to think so, I’m betting that a big part of Libby Davies, probably the most progressive MP in BC, deciding not to run again…

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