There are no Words for It…..

Daphne Bramham: Susan Point an artist for the ages (with video)

Her work adorns manhole covers, police cars, Olympic oval and welcomes visitors to Museum of Anthropology


Isn’t it fascinating that this culture of our BC First Nations has no worlds for art and artist, primarily because no such concept as the ‘other’ exists for them, creativity is probably considered a normal part of life and the things created were in everyday use…it would be wonderful if our culture could accept the fact that artists ( I call myself simply a maker, and have been one all my life..) are a valuable, even essential part of our lives, and that our so called civilization would be much better off allowing those who ‘make’ to do so and treat them as valued members of society…perhaps a new definition for ‘productivity’ could make our Western world a better and more accepting place, rich with what makers can and should be encouraged to provide.

The fact that Susan Point’s  work is used so extensively shows the way for  a new educational format that encourages appreciation for and support of  the Arts in all it’s forms, including mixed media, music, etc.  So many schools, challenged by ever-shrinking budgets, are either eliminating many arts programs or shrinking them to such a degree that they are useless…the arts should always be encouraged as much as reading  writing and maths and sciences..they are an essential part of what makes life worth living, both as a maker and a consumer of the results….


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