Willfully Blind in the Land of Unintended Consequences…

Nanaimo sprinkler prank costs parents $48,000

14-year-old boy attached friend’s lock to sprinkler head, setting off high school sprinkler system

CBC News Posted: Jan 09, 2015 7:07 AM PT Last Updated: Jan 09, 2015 9:39 AM PT

Ah, the parents of the New Millennium…how  whiny they are when faced with the reality of  unintended consequences…

Remembering  those  simplistic yet tricky  philosophical problems posed to  us green students in Philosophy 101, can’t help but think that this one would have been a zinger…

In the media, both print and televised, parents being interviewed re the necessity of a $48,000 payback for damage, (legally payable  by the  guilty student’s parents) unanimously  cried foul..and one has to wonder why…

Faced with the problem in an abstract sort of way,  do these parents imagine that it is only right that the taxpayers of the Province bear the costs for all this damage?  And whose budget shall be decimated to cover it, as if the school budgets aren’t  already stripped naked by the bilious policies of the powers that be?

Perhaps it should come out of ‘general revenue’ or something equally as obscure….?

  This is perhaps the best example of the teachable moment for the  parents of children in this Province..your children are already wrapped up in such protective bubbles that consequences cannot even occur to them..why then shouldn’t  they act on every impulse since they are taught to depend entirely on the goodwill of  their parents no matter what their actions..

How many people reading this are old enough to remember when there were no cell phones, never mind an over-anxious parent at one’s beck and call for  every little thing?

When  lessons were learned at an early age regarding respect for  the property of others, including schools?

I know I sound like some miserable old fart who is grumbling to ‘get off my  virtual lawn,’ but the truth is that kids no longer seem to ‘get’ that their is no  real parachute, that when you screw up, mindlessly or otherwise, the consequences can be fairly  scary…

If you are never allowed to fall out of a swing how will you know  what can and probably will happen?

Being taught to think critically, or even simply to think ahead, used to  be a part of growing up, like checkers…can no one perform this simple act of teaching, or learning,  self-determination?

And the parents, watching anxiously from the wings, and hoping against hope that nothing  bad, nothing painful, no teachable moments ever affect their downy nestlings, are the real miscreants in this piece, because they know better, or they should…


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One Response to Willfully Blind in the Land of Unintended Consequences…

  1. lung says:

    i do remember no cell phones
    did some of my own school damage
    drove the school track in a landrover
    and as a single dad raised a child
    had an insurance policy (attached to the house)
    for accidental damage to other property by house occupants….me and the kid
    allowed me to sleep a little better
    cause you never know what lesson is next
    being young now is a very narrow path
    one of my first jobs was camp director at 18
    imagine 12-12 yearolds dumped on monday
    10 miles from the nearest ranch
    no phone
    no vehicle
    just a “see ya” at noon on friday

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