Should the CBC Walk the Proverbial Plank?


The only valid argument for saving the CBC is that it has a MANDATE, coast to coast to coast, to be there for all the people of this country, to disseminate information (however flawed that process might be these days..) and news for the entire country, especially those less well-served by the media as it exists today..
Let’s be honest here, if all CBC did was make such turgid dramcoms as Republic of Doyle, King of Kensington, etc etc I would say toss it, too…
But the fact that anyone anywhere in this country has access to what is going on in their own home area as well as the rest of the world is what is really critical..the National Voice, as stilted and pre-programmed as it has become, is still the National Voice, like it or not, and every person in Canada has a right to that, they pay for it, they voted for it, and they should receive it.
When I first came to Canada, back before you were born, Simon, CBC was my lifeline to my new country…I got introduced to hockey (and educated about its intricacies by the great teacher Howie Meeker) and for the first time in my American-born life, found news that actually covered the rest of the world, not just Canada…I learned many things from all the news programs like W5, Fifth Estate, etc….
I rarely avail myself of  it now…even the local  (Vancouver-based) news program is so ‘controlled ” I can barely stand to watch it and I’m spoiled to a certain extent by my local Island news, which not only covers local affairs but all of BC, and Canadian as well as world events, all without the slightest bias to the refreshing..
Do I think that CBC still has a place for the dispensing of info in Canada? Absolutely, if, and only if, the Cons are beaten in the next election..
Understand this – Emperor Steve will never do away with it completely as it is the perfect propaganda machine to dispense his drivel..and all at our expense…otherwise he would have to pay  commercial media even more to do his dirty work…
In the meantime, Harper can  roll his  eyes and say that he’ll do whatever he likes, and  stroke his rabid base with continued cuts to the MotherCorp…but he’ll never let it go until he is declared Emperor for life..when it just won’t matter anymore….

Yes, job loss is always  unfortunate, and I feel just as badly for those in the oilpatch who, by the thousands, will be  collecting pogey for the next while, but am I glad that the lessening of  bitumen extraction means cleaner air for all of us?  Am I glad to see the Albertan oil whores getting some comeuppance?  Yes, and yes…

If the CBC  has become just a propaganda dispenser for the Cons (as its present  configuration strongly suggests) then how can any progressive support it?


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