Mood Indigo, and No Surprises Here, Folks…..

Chapters to close Robson store in downtown Vancouver

Chapters Indigo blames high rent as it prepares to shut down its flagship Vancouver location

CBC News Posted: Jan 19, 2015 3:15 PM PT Last Updated: Jan 19, 2015 6:58 PM PT

For those of us old enough to remember, Robson St. used to be a friendly, vibrant place to shop, full of independent shops and especially European-style retail, restaurants and others…independent grocers, Asian restaurants abounded…it was a wonderful, welcoming place..
Then, the landlords got greedy (surprise, surprise!)
Suddenly, all those wonderful shops started closing down, a bunch of high-end typical mall type clothing stores moved in, and Robson St. was no longer much fun…or affordable.
Chapters contributed to the decline of independent booksellers, destroying such beloved enterprises as Duthies..and now, we are supposed to feel sorry for them, and McBucks? You gotta be kidding!
By the time I left Vancouver in 2009 (thus avoiding living in the 2nd most expensive real estate/rental market after Hong Kong (surprise, surprise!) I could not have told you the last time I had gone to Robson St. for anything…
Greedy landlords are always with us..and the time to worry about giant retail operations having to move around is long since past…really, who cares? When the Vancouver property bubble bursts on all these ridiculous prices (inevitable) no one will be worrying about the likes of giant ‘bookseller’ monopolies, or the ubiquitous, over-priced coffee stands that litter (figuratively and literally) the downtown streets…

As prices for all these properties, retail and  housing alike, inch up, it inevitably will create a no-man’s-land of entitlement…get used to that, I guess…

Today, the media announced in that irritating way the have that, blatantly obvious to most of us, Vancouver has  the second highest housing  un-affordability in the world-after Hong Kong…could anything be more ironic?


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