Can’t Tolerate Bigotry…

Time to put the brakes on our slide to intolerance: Tim Harper

A government which deals with only symptoms and refuses to look at root causes is part of the problem.

By: National Affairs, Published on Sun Mar 01 2015

(with thanks to Montreal Simon’s blog for the reference:


What has always bemused me is the fact that a ‘Christian’ like Timothy McVeigh who was an admitted terrorist and murderer, homegrown in the late great USA, was never ever called a Christian terrorist or a Christian fundamentalist, etc. nor was his religious affiliation even considered in light of his actions..
This bigotry against The Other has always been with any First Nations person in this country can attest…or any person of any colour other than lily-white, preferably male, preferably Protestant, heterosexual, etc etc…
Do we hear anything of the forced sterilization of males, or any form of birth control for men other than the 2000 year old condom or  a snip of the testicles? Nope….but abortion? A woman’s right to choose?  Seems safe for now, doesn’t it…but, just like gay marriage, our rights can be challenged on the basis of any sort of ‘moral imperative’ including that of religious belief..but don’t  whatever you do call it  fundamentalism, or intolerance..especially when  it flows from an avowed Christian source… 

During WW2, in the US,   which was the nationality that was put in concentration camps, had their belongings stolen, etc.  but let us never forget that the Japanese, and to a much lesser extent, the Italians and Germans….the Other, no matter that the President considered the Great Progressive, my  90 year old mother’s  hero,  FDR, was in office….
Harper is grasping at the same old straws, with much less reason to do so..and yes, it is gonna bite him in the bum…
In Britain, when the rightwing yahoos in “Pegida’ decided to stage an anti-Muslim march, around 300 showed up for their side..several thousand showed up to march against that principle..think that would happen here? I dare to hope so, but doubt it…and I’m an avowed pagan who really doesn’t have  time for organized religion..but my tolerance is supposedly guaranteed in this  one-time democracy we live in…
We are in the infancy of anti-Muslim rhetoric and bigotry, and, like every other anti-religious movement in the West, any excuse to scapegoat will be utilized to benefit whoever is pointing the finger, or, in the case of Harper, if his lips are moving, ya just know he’s lying…


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