A Secular Choice…..and the Right to Choose

Niqab controversy: Judge struck down ban without referring to charter

Zunera Ishaq, a Pakistani woman and devout Muslim, seeks to wear niqab during citizenship oath

By Mark Gollom, CBC News Posted: Mar 16, 2015 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Mar 16, 2015 5:20 AM ET

An intelligent decision by this judge, based not on the erroneous argument of Charter-guaranteed  religious freedom (wearing the niqab is not a mandatory law in any form of Islam) but because a citizen’s right to wear whatever they wish is the real point…and all those rightwingers who try and create cultural animosity towards all Muslims are probably feeling discouraged, and that is a good thing…

Whether those of us raised  in the West like it or not, a tiny minority of women who are immigrants choose to continue to wear the niqab in public..is this based on  custom, or fear, or their honest belief that they  must do so to preserve their customs from their places of origin?

It doesn’t matter why…we can fulminate against  such practices as being  evidence of men controlling  women’s lives,  of an unhealthy forced prison of cloth whenever a woman appears in public, but we cannot (legally)  and should not dictate their choices..

That is really what  this argument is about, choices…I may choose to wear  jeans most of the time, and those who are fashion victims might turn up their noses, but none would dare to accuse me of  practicing a religious  form of oppression…

The constant  diatribe of our Con leaders is that  anyone wearing a niqab, or being a Muslim, or a Green supporter, or  absolutely anyone who doesn’t fall into lockstep with the Con agenda of  supreme state control of all our  movements, must indeed be a terrorist…and this judge  in his wisdom refused to  dignify this insanity with a  Charter reference…and did all Canadians a great service by his unspoken  acknowledgement of the fact that any choice of dress should be freely made..now, we could and should argue that in fact  no woman should have to wear such attire,  but we must support her right to do so, whether we agree with it or not…that is the Canadian way.

Anyone who doesn’t like my jeans can piss off too….


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