Your Big Five Bank Account Needs a Condom…..

New bank fees target kids’ accounts and allow ‘double-dipping,’ say customers

RBC says new fees ‘cost of doing business’

By Rosa Marchitelli, CBC News Posted: Apr 29, 2015 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Apr 29, 2015 9:51 AM ET




Want a better deal and money directed where you want it to go? Join a credit union! Stop these banksters in their tracks..they make record profits, pay  almost nothing for interest on your savings, and now apparently their billions in profits aren’t enough..
This kind of idiocy is right up there with voting in the federal  Cons or BC Libs, despite solid proof that they will do nothing for anyone that isn’t part of the 1%…

The ‘cost of doing business’ is the  catchphrase that bites, the  ‘gift’ that keeps on giving…headaches, that is…why anyone anywhere still is willing to deal with these ripoff artists is beyond belief..

Imagine  that you are at a carnival, and  you give some huckster $5  to try your luck at winning a prize..congrats, you win, but no, there is an additional ‘fee’ for your  poorly-constructed,  thrown- together teddy bear..let’s call it a winner’s obligation…and it turns out, once you’ve proudly walked around the  carney ‘s booth with your ‘prize’ there is an additional charge to actually leave the grounds with it, not to mention taxation on your  winning…you’d scream bloody murder, wouldn’t you?

Your  bank takes your money, pays you nothing for ‘handling’ your cash, but in fact charges you to remove it from their premises,  loans it out and makes massive profits,and then tells you  that paying for  the privilege  of allowing them to make money with your money while you make nothing, despite their protestations that  the ‘cost’ of doing business  is going up. out of necessity, is  the good and proper way of doing business…

Anyone who continues to bank with the  Big Five here in Canada deserves, richly, what they are getting…you might want to point out to your bank manager that,  at the very least, they could take you out for dinner before you get screwed…..


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