The Fundamental(ist) Reasons for It All…..

Rise of the ‘precariat,’ the global scourge of precarious jobs

Barely one in four of the global workforce has a stable job, UN reports

By Brian Stewart, CBC News Posted: Jun 01, 2015 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jun 01, 2015 8:36 AM ET

Back in the 7-‘s, when i was a young thing just learning about  Zero Population Growth, I decided it was probably not a great idea to have children..I was  single and determined to stay that way, had little income to spare, and I sincerely believed that things were going to get much worse due to overpopulation and environmental  issues, which were just coming to the forefront…

Teleporting to  the year 2015,  things are far worse than even I imagined..when young people raised in the West on democratic  principles (if  not the reality…) are flocking to ISL and  cults like this, one can only look back on the ‘God Squad” cults of the 60’s and 70’s, and one cannot  help but see parallels, albeit less violent ones..

Disillusioned young people (are there any other  kind?) have always  yearned for  a drastic alternative to their seemingly unbearable situations…and  seeking some sort of Other to answer their questions  is the norm throughout the world..but this time it’s  different..

I can remember wondering what on Earth those who sought passage to Syria, Afghanistan, et al were hoping to achieve…especially the young women…it didn’t take me long to  come to the conclusion that  with the figures  shown in the above  article, there was little to hope for  if you were young and jobless, and 3/4 of  the young are just that..a frightening  statistic,   Those who are employed are often in precarious  temporary jobs, low paying, subhuman conditions and child labour has exploded, instead of being  eliminated as we all had once hoped.

The corporatists, have, once again, succeeded in controlling the means of production..and by denigrating the union movement and closing up manufacturing in the West, they have created a situation that is untenable for the bulk of the population..

Young people, educated as never before,  can understandably wonder  what it was all for if there are no jobs to go to, and  thus are seeking solutions outside their  own bleak reality..enter the fundamentalists, who promise the moon and the stars, instant gratification  if you will only fight against the very  philosophy that has a stranglehold on your future…

It’s  sad…and inevitable.



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2 Responses to The Fundamental(ist) Reasons for It All…..

  1. MoS says:

    Citibank is credited with coining the term “precariat.” Alan Greenspan in one speech said it was a good thing for America’s economy, suggesting that people in uncertain straits work harder, demand less. This is one reason Chris Hedges and others warn that, unless we abruptly change course, we’re dooming ourselves to the dark uncertainties of revolution.

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