Corporate Micro-shilling for Dollars…

The microfinance delusion: who really wins?



A perfect example of this chaos theory – inevitability  is the intensity of stratification of poverty in the US, where, back in the 70’s,  in a bid to stop  labor union gains and to  keep profits high,  the rich sought cheaper manufacturing and sent their factories offshore.. did it never occur to them that the US consumer would no longer be able to afford their products because their jobs were gone?  Doubt if they early as the 70’s I started noticing that jobs were becoming scarce, and wondered why the corporate types continued to take their manufacturing businesses offshore…I was very naive, supposing that the wealthy cared whether or not their fellow North Americans prospered…and so it goes..the rich have found still another way of leading the poor into permanent debt, and it enriches them while cloaking them in the veil of economic sanctity…how sad, how predictable…


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One Response to Corporate Micro-shilling for Dollars…

  1. JJ Gibbons says:

    Not all MFI’s are the same. Too bad The Guardian didn’t publish a more balanced article. They are not all “pay day loan shops”.

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