Abuse of Power and the Re-Education of Police …..

Michael Wood, ex-Baltimore officer, tweets about alleged police brutality

Retired Baltimore officer Michael A. Wood tweets about disturbing things he allegedly witnessed on the force

By Lauren O’Neil, CBC News Posted: Jun 26, 2015 8:22 PM ET Last Updated: Jun 27, 2015 10:52 AM ET

This article might be  a bit too late in the  “sky is falling’ sector regarding the  abuse of persons of colour, or police corruption, which, like gun violence, just go on and on and on, the most interesting part of  Wood’s tweets, to me, was the fact that he  praised higher education as giving him the  tools to  look at his time as a police officer with a critical eye…

While some might doubt his agenda, have to say that getting an education does, permanently, change the way you think about things..you have to do a lot of writing, and a lot of analysis, and critical thinking was the most important concept that I took away from my own Uni education..it changes how you proceed in the world, how you think about events in the world, and how you perceive your fellow beings. A good thing, instead of merely parroting what your friends or family think or say, thinking for yourself is something that should be taught in regular school curricula, but that is precisely what the powers that be don’t want. There is a reason that fundamentalists and bigots don’t want education for women, or the poor in general..you are probably smart enough to figure out those reasons yourself.

Perhaps  all police should be Criminology grads, with  some PoliSci thrown in, as well as Sociology..might make for  smarter cops, or then again, might make for  cleverer corrupt cops, I don’t really know…but this Western penchant for those in positions of power  abusing the  poor, persons of colour, and women in general, needs to stop, and education  is always the answer. At the very least, the  expectations of  police qualifications should be broadened, since too many  ill-equipped  people are being hired for this  job, people who  should never be in positions of power. The results of this lack of foresight are obvious to anyone.



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2 Responses to Abuse of Power and the Re-Education of Police …..

  1. I am one of the people who feels Micheal have hidden motives. I have pondered how education might have changed him. Yet, I wanted to be angry about his idle position in police brutality. I agree education changes you. I have just finished my first year at a university and I’m not the same person I was in the fall. Coming back to Baltimore from my university has aided me with different perspectives of social life here.

  2. annie says:

    Hi. Thanks for this post.
    i worked with police around the country as a technical consultant for about a decade. I saw brutality and kindness – often in the same individual.
    But I do not believe I ever saw more rampant racism or misogyny. .
    Above all however, there was the most amazing ignorance. From the beat cop right up to the chief. Ignorance of history. Ignorance of social factors. Ignorance of law. Ignorance of anything technical. Ignorance of different cultures and cultural groups. Ignorance of … well, just about everything.
    But they knew to the penny what they earned. They knew about Masons (most of the higher ranks were Masons). They knew about political corruption and when to ignore it (most of the time). But more than anything else, they knew that unless caught red handed by a judge with a camera, they were invulnerable. They could do whatever they wanted. So long as they didn’t cross their fellow officers.
    Education? Sure, some had a degree or even two. Usually from diploma mills or the equivalent. Usually in order to climb the pay or power ladder, and almost never to actually learn something.
    They were not all thugs by any means. But many were.
    When the political class is corrupt, the police soon follow.
    Thanks again for your post.

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