The Donald Bleats , Harper/Walker Meet..And Other Rightwing Treats…

Stephen Harper met with controversial Wisconsin governor Scott Walker last month and didn’t tell anyone

Glen McGregor, Postmedia News | July 9, 2015 | Last Updated: Jul 9 3:42 PM ET
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Donald Trump, Stephen Harper, and the Bigots That Flock Together



No one in ‘Merka should be surprised by Trump’s big bump..the Repugs have encouraged bigotry and hatred for so many decades now that Trump’s ascendancy seems preordained..
The fabulous part about it is that he will piss off all those voters who usually sit on their bums at election time..hopefully this energizes them to vote the Repugs out of existence.
At this point, wonder if (T)Rump is the Democrats’ secret weapon..just be loud and outrageous and anger the citizens to the point where they have to go and do what they have ignored for so long..yes, American voters are just as bad as Canadians when it comes to exercising the franchise..
Harper? He’s toast…And meeting with an anti-union  bigot  like Scott Walker, making that sort of news in the one media  source that unabashedly supports him tells us that  the tide is definitely turning, despite  weird ol’  Oliver’s protestations  of solvency in the face of the IMF’s  suggestion that Canada’s economy isn’t nearly as robust as that fabulous economic genius, Emperor Steve, would have us believe.. political solvency? That parrot is dead…

Even  our  media networks are ignoring Emperor Steve’s dictates for debates on his terms, and  simply getting on with the  normal  business of  nationally televised  debates with the other parties, hopefully including  the Greens, as they should be…

Sorry, have to run to the store, I’m running out of popcorn…


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2 Responses to The Donald Bleats , Harper/Walker Meet..And Other Rightwing Treats…

  1. sapeterson says:

    Pretty smart sneaking there Mr. Harper what with your government jet and all you mega security black vehicles. Must have felt very endangered in the US. Did you go incognito or did you double your sharpshooters at Canadians expense?

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