Let’s Not Face the Truth….


Canadians of all stripes oppose face coverings at citizenship ceremonies: Vote Compass

Conservative and BQ supporters most opposed; Liberals, NDP and Greens more mixed

CBC News Posted: Sep 21, 2015 3:58 PM ET Last Updated: Sep 22, 2015 11:11 AM ET

Do I think that politicians of all stripes in this election, mostly male, are swinging this cat as a red herring? Absolutely..
I don’t agree with the Cons, and especially not Emperor Steve about anything..but this is just bizarre as an election ploy. Do I think that wearing a face-erasing veil during an official ceremony  in this country should be illegal? Hmmm..then, what about Halloween? I know there are some stores that won’t allow masked people into their premises for obvious reasons, so why is it a stretch for us to disallow women (or anyone, in fact) to wear a mask during a citizenship ceremony..why are we playing identity politics with someone who wants the legal right to mask her identity, all in the name of religious ‘freedom’..there is nothing  ‘free’ about walking  around  with your  face covered, but  nothing  illegal either..however, at a citizenship ceremony?  One  would assume that part of the reason you want to become a citizen if this country is that you desired  to embrace the freedom (comparatively speaking..) available here….
Men are fighting about this issue as if it had any direct affect on them..only their patriarchal bent, perhaps,  but  Canadian women  have been sadly lacking in stepping forward on this issue, particularly progressive women..of course, I know why..it’s a no-win situation.. but that isn’t what the question is supposed to be about.
I don’t understand why anyone would turn this into a legal argument in the first place.
Fact: if you or I walked into an official ceremony for citizenship with a mask on, no matter what gender, race, etc. all hell would break loose… I should know, I  remember it well, no one masked at the  civil ceremony that rendered me a Canadian citizen, remember, by choice, not an accident of birth…
Fact: If you or I wore a mask and tried to get a driver’s licence or any other important piece of identification (say, a passport…) we would be shut down. Why then is anyone defending the ‘rights’ of anyone to wear a face covering in an official ceremony? Will her passport picture her with the niqab? I mean, we aren’t even allowed to smile anymore, so important is it to identify us for officials.
In her country of origin, I might be forced by law and custom to wear a covering and would be beaten, arrested, who knows what, if I resisted..well, when in Rome, I guess..but because my freedom to wear what I choose would be compromised, I, as a Westerner, wouldn’t be caught dead in any country that imposed such oppressive laws on women..kinda like I would never go to Texas or any state that treated women like cattle or ‘possessions.’
I guess according to stupid PC rules we have to allow this woman the ‘freedom’ to be oppressed just this once..Orwell is somewhere, laughing …


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6 Responses to Let’s Not Face the Truth….

  1. jj gibbons says:

    We do have laws that protect the rights of minorities.

  2. Simon says:

    hi cityprole…I am not surprised that most Canadians don’t like niqabs, you don’t and I don’t. But here’s the problem. We should not elevate this issue at this time. The fact is two courts have ruled that the plaintiff is right. And as Chantal Hebert points out Harper could use the issue to win the election and dismantle the Charter of Rights.


    And Gilles Duceppe has just jumped on that bandwagon,


    So now ask yourself this: is pursuing one woman through the courts worth losing the election and dismantling the Charter of Rights?

    For the sake of a piece of cloth a country was lost?

    But then I’m just a member of the gay patriarchy, and just stating the obvious… 😉

    • cityprole says:

      If you read all the way through my rant, I agree with you although it is a grudging agreement…To tell the truth, it annoys the hell out of me that this has become such a red flag (most niqabs seem to be black…go figure) especially in this election..

  3. Simon says:

    hi cityprole…I share your feeling about the niqab issue becoming such a big issue in this campaign. But as that compass poll shows it crosses party lines, and it is the kind of issue Lynton Crosby can use to peel off enough votes to give Harper a majority, especially in Quebec where the Charter of Values created some bitter divisions. My advice is leave sleeping niqabs lie, or the issue could rise up and bite us…

  4. cityprole says:

    Well I ‘m so flattered that you could be bothered to read what I said at all, and since you are a ‘leftist’ ( a term I despise, BTW, as it is as you accuse my comments of being, apropos of nothing …) I am doubly flattered, but frankly, like abortion, I don[t consider that men of any political stripe, dubious or otherwise, to have the right to an opinion on the matter…on the law, of course that is another thing, and had you actually read my comments to the end, or had your reading and comprehension skills been up to it, you would see that I agree that the law in and of itself has no right to dictate what a woman wears..but, as Dickens famously opined, the law is an ass..and only laws that are fit for representing equality in all things for women or anyone else are laws fit for respecting..because this particular law does acknowledge that the niqab wearer must show her face to identify herself before the ceremony, we can have no quarrel with it..
    It is the ridiculous factoid that one face covering is considered a ‘right’ and another would not be that irritates the hell out of me..hence the rant, but I would defy to the death anyone’s right to wear a niqab to any sort of ceremony if in fact the law did the same..it doesn’t, therefore…my rant. I hope that clears things up for you, kirby..toodle-oo….

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