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Did B.C.’s memories of 1990s ‘fudge-it-budget’ hold key to NDP downfall?

Winner may have been announced before B.C. polls closed, but province still influenced final result

By Jason Proctor, CBC News Posted: Oct 20, 2015 2:00 AM PT Last Updated: Oct 20, 2015 4:46 AM PT


What a terminally stupid headline..let’s put this Socred/Lib lie to rest..there never was a fudge-it budget, and even the person who has the temerity to OK such a scurrilous headline knows it..
Our Island went all- but- May orange, and the only reason that the Libs won a majority is that the country wanted, once and for all , to rid itself of the Scourge of Stephen – next election might be a totally different story..
Canadians, for the most part, didn’t want major change, so that is what they got..a photogenic version of Con-Lite..and we shall watch and see if it gets them where they need to go to wipe off the excrescence left by the Cons on Canadians, and Canada’s reputation at large…

There are a few signs of positive change…most of the  creepy crawlies who supported  Harper weren’t re-elected, and  that is a good thing..and for sheer comic  relief,  Peter McKay is already spouting off, after leaving the sinking ship, so guess he’s going to place himself  in the position of  the magic saviour of the Tory party -whatever CRAAP ends up calling themselves now…

Well, so as not  to display my curmudgeonly side too strongly, I’ll have to say – congrats, Junior, and best of  luck..and best of luck to Canada….

And  just to  express my relief about something, anything, I’ll never again (I hope) have to even mention or write  Stephen Harper’s name again..unless he is brought up on charges, which, of course, will not happen…although it should…

Oh, and please please please…no more of the  Rob and Doug  Show, okay?


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