Canadian Kindness Trumps Captain Combover

Syrian refugee family to benefit from couple cancelling big wedding

Samantha Jackson, Farzin Yousefian accepted donations in lieu of gifts when they tied the knot at city hall

CBC News Posted: Nov 19, 2015 7:50 PM ET Last Updated: Nov 20, 2015 11:04 AM ET

Donald Trump says he would ‘absolutely’ implement Muslim database if elected president

The Associated Press Posted: Nov 20, 2015 9:50 AM ET Last Updated: Nov 20, 2015 11:44 AM ET

As my old  high school teachers used to say, compare and contrast these two headlines…

I grew up in the States, high school in the  ’60’s, and no potential politician would ever have been brazen enough to make such a statement back then, ..well, in the South, I suppose,  creatures like  George Wallace had no difficulty declaring war on the concept of Civil Rights, a radical idea promoted by the Kennedys at the time…

That was  60 years ago.. today, I live,  happily, in  Canada, where such language gets people fired, ideas like this  are never to cross the most rightwing politician’s lips unless couched in fear, such as Brad Wall’s ridiculous agenda-couched statement about the terrorists posing as  Syrian refugees…

Now we have Captain Combover spewing more  hatred and thrilling  his ardent bigot base with such I glad I left the States, way back when?  Oh, yes, you had better believe it, and at the time I considered myself at least a political refugee from the  Nixon policies of war in Vietnam..and the fact that all my school mates were coming back from ‘Nam junkies, maimed and psychologically damaged from a war they were  forced by  the draft to  participate in,   that none of them understood or believed in, only strengthened my resolve to  hate war and the causes of it (bigotry? Right up there…) and to never stop trying to encourage dialog rather than murder…

But the  Captain is playing to those who would  create hate even among their fellow citizens, so the men and women radicalized by  the mythic promise of glory through jihad must be thrilled by his proclamations, it plays to their divide and conquer strategy like a  violin…

Is  the Donald  too stupid to realize his own  weakness, the ability to manipulate his  philosophy to  help  create another level of hate in a country often torn apart by it?

Can’t say..some pundits posit that he is ‘just fooling around’ to manipulate votes…

Then there is the wonderful story of Canadians who  are only too happy to  push their own plans aside to  do ‘some great thing.’  I  was impressed to tears by the  Jackson/Yousefian  story..happy to see that members of the selfie generation, who think nothing  of blowing  thousands of dollars on an archaic ceremony/party under normal conditions, would give that up to  assist a family of  refugees…. I hate the expression ‘heartwarming’ but that is exactly what this was..and once more, so proud to be an immigrant to  Canada….and  Captain Combover only reinforces my happiness, so thanks, Donald,.


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