Teach All the Children Well…..


There is a blog that I go to eagerly, one of few words but many images…the link is above..

This blog is one I  visit on a daily basis and I have provided a link to  today’s offering..it is timely and poignant in a way that our violence-numbed psyches rarely find  anymore..

These children, mostly  refugees and displaced from old times and old wars, are a  strong reminder to all of us that  the old saying, what comes around goes around, could not be truer than it is today..

I’m hoping that  whatever refugee numbers  actually arrive  here in Canada,  specifically BC, we welcome them with open minds and hearts, and remember that  these children and adults are our future..

My own grandparents on my mother’s side were refugees who happened to go to the States.. my  husband’s parents were  also refugees, and I know from speaking both to my mother and my husband that it is  the children who teach the parents in a strange new world..kids pick up language and customs quickly, and bring these new discoveries home to share with their families, and thus, the parents learn  both the language and the customs of  the place that took them in..or the heartache of  prejudice and bullying that their kids are subjected to, and thereby can harden their hearts against the  ‘culture’ that oppresses them, once again..

It is  doubly important to  teach our children to  be accepting and tolerant of differences in a world filled with  easy cyber-bullying and a lack of respect for differences, on both sides..

It is the children  who come here  who will ultimately decide  all our futures, along with  our own children. Make sure that they experience all the love and support  given to the refugee children of past wars..please remember, those of you who can, what it was like to come to  these shores and be given a new life.


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