He’s my ex-partner’s son by another man. What is the word for that?

‘With more than 40% of marriages ending in divorce … along with the rise of non-traditional families, it’s surprising we still have so few tools to describe the bonds they create.’ Photograph: UK Stock Images Ltd/Alamy


It’s called “it takes a village”…being from a multi-married and divorced set of parents who each remarried several times, my father with children in many of his new relationships, I never had a problem..intros were so and so’s son, brother, sister, step sister, step mother, biological father etc etc…

My quandary lately is wondering about names for a third (or more) genders, or what what many people call trans. The confusion is compounded when one considers that certain hes who become shes (or shes become hes) are still sexually attracted to the opposite gender, as in Caitlin  Jenner…so being transgender does not necessarily mean that you are attracted to the opposite of whatever your change entails…not to mention those who are sexually active with both genders (or more than two?)
You can see how all these issues relate to the limits of our language, which in turn is based on our cultural beliefs, which are undergoing a massive change in so many ways..
Perhaps a new language system needs to be developed for all this change..we are a group of entities incapable of simply accepting without labeling and categorizing.

I am actually so relieved that all this has finally come to the forefront…there are so many ways of being, for humans and  the so-called ‘lesser’ animals, that we are hopelessly behind in recognizing/accepting the facts of real life..teeming with possibilities, anything but rigid in  the possibility of variety on every level…my confusion  I’m certain is shared, and will be dealt with, and  whether we like it or not, classification, categorization and labeling, while discriminatory in so many  cases, is also  the road to where we need to  go  for acceptance…I hate the word tolerance, for it implies  wrongdoing on other’s part, and I  think that the only wrong we can do as a species is not to be open to all the possibilities that can hurt no one but the terminally bigoted and closed-minded…

That is not to say that  we should eliminate  oversight and  care for all the world’s  children, or the legal and personal rights of women, for instance, but that we should not automatically assume  that anyone not instantly  identifiable in some traditional  definition of ‘normal’ is  judged to be  “the Other.”


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