Three Card Monte in LaLaLand

Corus Entertainment is buying Shaw Media in $2.65B deal

Acquisition ‘redefines Corus and Canada’s media landscape,’ president/CEO says

The Canadian Press Posted: Jan 13, 2016 7:20 AM ET


Same circus, same clowns…Canada is once again allowing big business to consolidate still more of the country’s communications and adding more and more power to fewer rich white guys..really, what the heck is the difference again between us and the States? Oh, yeah, we pretend to be kinder, gentler and less violent..anyone else notice how the Right always regroups and throws money around to consolidate its position? So much for freedom of information and the ability to least in the States, competition is wide open re mobility..
If you read the article carefully, Shaw and Corus are owned by the same family, the they are simply playing a shell game, passing the cash back and forth to rationalize purchasing Wind Mobile…it’s a bit too arcane to figure out unless you are an accountant, but there are probably tax deductions and savings involved…

While everyone who  submits to the rancid bling of  cell phone addiction  is celebrating  ‘another’  company in the picture, remember that  Shaw is already massive..why would they give anyone a deal?  They certainly don’t give us much wiggle room  on other services..and I have been  victim to   old fashioned door to door   Telus  snake oil purveyors  twice in the last month or so, obviously trying to steal business now that  they will be competing with Shaw..they have recently installed  a fibre optic network here in the boonies, and are trying to rope in some new suckers…guess I’ll have to dig up a “No Solicitors” sign  somewhere..will that stop them?

I am looking forward to the  day when we have evolved to the point where we actually start socializing with each other again, and have less time or interest in  hiding behind computers, TV screens and phones…anyone old enough to remember that concept?


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