Dirty Dig Done Dirt Cheap….

Flint water crisis: 6 things to know about the toxic taps

Lead-tainted water leads to state of emergency in troubled Michigan city

CBC News Posted: Jan 20, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jan 20, 2016 5:00 AM ET



Christy Clark and her “Health” minister might want to take note of this issue, because the contaminated soil burial site above Shawnigan Lake is an ‘accident’ waiting to happen…
What confounds most of us in the Cowichan area is why this dirty dirt has to be anywhere near any drinking water supply..there are lots of other places for contaminated soil to go that aren’t near a water supply here on the Island..but of course, the NDP have all but one seat here..could that have anything to do with it?
Gov. Snyder didn’t give a damn about the poor and unemployed who would be exposed to this poison..how is Clark’s ‘solution’ any different?
Oh, yeah, Snyder was informed ahead of time, but did it anyway…well, common sense would tell you that allowing a hill of contaminated crud to be ‘buried’ near any drinking water source is a recipe for disaster, but the BC Lieberals don’t care much what happens here…

Perhaps  it will take  the same sort of  horrors to be  brought down on the  people and wildlife of the Shawnigan Lake area before it is conceded, far too late, that it was  a ‘mistake’ to allow it to happen..

On a personal note,  when I was  looking, last year, to move back to this area, there were lots of vacancies in the Shawnigan Lake area for renters…but  never  even looked..as a fresh water drinker, I was  worried about being  affected by this  problem, and now I hear that the local dogs won’t  drink from the lake..considering  what the average dog does with its mouth, that is a good enough reason for me to avoid the place, and that is a sad thing to have to say..

Ball’s in your  court, Christy…


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