Poor Little Rich Boys..


San Francisco tech worker: ‘I don’t want to see homeless riff-raff’


I will never understand why it is that those with the wherewithal to take care of themselves (cash as well as learned ability, mental health, etc…) are the ones to vilify the people who cannot help themselves..
I lived for many years in Vancouver, BC, where there is a visible presence of homeless, confined mostly to the downtown core but becoming more widespread in other areas of the growing city, especially in market areas..
The last time I was in San Francisco, I admit I was rather shocked to see that the homeless problem there was as bad, or worse, than the last time I was there, in the late ’60’s..
Vancouver and SF have much in common..the wealthy flock to both places, drive up real estate prices and make it almost impossible for anyone but the very wealthy to live there with any degree of comfort. It has been this way for a long time, decades in fact.
If ever  the rich get bit by the urge to  do something in the  name of   social justice perhaps it will change, but, strangely, the very wealthy only seem interested in helping those outside their own countries..I often wonder if it is in aid of their  vast corporate holdings, to create a healthier work force in countries where there is no control or labour laws? I’ve often wondered why the Buffets and the Gates of this world never seem too interested in leveling the playing field in their own country…but of course that would fly in the face of the capitalists who believe that  American ‘exceptionalism’ is the answer..that if  you wind up in this terrible predicament, it must be  your own fault..

Even the dirty  30’s were kinder to the poor than this era of  Trump and his ilk  bickering  among themselves as to who is the  most repulsive in their  views of  the world around them.


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