Vancouver Acquires Land from Big Steal Rail…

Vancouver to buy Arbutus Corridor from CP Rail for $55M

Future route may one day include light rail

CBC News Posted: Mar 07, 2016 10:21 AM PT Last Updated: Mar 07, 2016 3:49 PM PT

Many  Vancouverites,  current and former,  can remember the  squabbles of many years about the ribbon of land running through some of the nicest parts of the  city..and the  beautiful  ‘victory garden’ style  patches that sprang up in various areas, lovingly cared  for and tended by the residents..I always thought that they were wonderful transformations,  a thumb to the nose at ugly railroad lines with nothing to offer but  weeds and  rats aside from the  garden areas..there was even a  woman  of questionable mental health  who would regularly feed the rats herself..and  some of the outraged  citizens of the  Arbutus area would  ask me, in my capacity as their  daily  COV street cleaner,  to ‘do something’ about her…of course, I could not, and have to admit it secretly amused me that this area of moderate and  snooty  wealth would  harbor such a  vermin-feeding  outlaw…

Actually, I always rented, never owned, in Vancouver, and have to say that the experience of being around the gardens in Kits and the Arbutus corridor was absolutely magical, took part of the sting out of living and  working  in the concrete wastes of the downtown core, and I always appreciated the gardens and flowers every time I was nearby, which was daily in my job for the City…yes, some of the Arbutus types were snobs, so what? There are snobs everywhere..most simply wanted to have lovely, productive gardens, and this renter without a garden could understand that..perhaps some of the land will be used for affordable housing, we don’t yet’s just great that the City has acquired the land.

There are few things that can be agreed upon  by the  denizens of this  city, but perhaps they can, for the most part, come together and agree that this is a positive step, for once…and hopefully the powers  that be will  be measured and thoughtful about the ultimate uses for this  land.


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