Mulcairying the Load For a Failed Election…

Why the NDP needs to keep Mulcair’s hand on the tiller




It’s an interesting question,and since I am not a member of the NDP (Groucho’s quote about memberships in organization ever-present on my mind) I won’t be able to vote on it..but, all things considered, I think he should stay..No one else has the intelligence, style and forcefulness as a Parliamentarian, and he was pretty much the reason that Quebec got on board, and has stayed on board, unlike the wagon-jumpers who fear-voted for Trudeau…he has much to learn, and will get his trial by fire in this round of less-than Opposition status in Parliament..that never hurt any politician, and the longest lived ones hung in there, with the support of their parties..Jean Chretien comes to mind, say what you will…But, he needs to keep his tendency to play it safe economically under control….The people’s needs should always trump the balance sheet…and although he used to be  a Liberal (probably why Trudeau dislikes him so much..) he needs to get back a bit to the reasons  he says he crossed the floor..and we  really could use  a progressive, to hell with the backroom  policy wonks  kind of any gender Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth  Warren-style  leader, if you will..but with  Canadian values.

The gleam  on  Trudeau is starting to fade, and advantage should be taken, not  just  an oddly meek Mulcair stating that he  could ‘probably’ support a more wimpiness please…



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3 Responses to Mulcairying the Load For a Failed Election…

  1. Bill Malcolm says:

    Well, that was a thoroughly underwhelming editorial or opinion piece or whatever from the Globe. Mulcair and before him Layton forgot all about the basic credo of the NDP and went on a Tony Blair copycat offensive merely to try and gain power. Sure Mulcair is a great parliamentarian, but one without a solid philosophical foundation. Time to go and raise daisies and let someone else get on with rebuilding the NDP.

  2. MoS says:

    Well, he did whip my party – the Greens. There must be something to be said for that.

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