Be Unconventional – Create a Revolution in Policy….

Mulcair and the NDP head into couples therapy at convention

NDP leader faces a divided party, with some calling for his departure and others standing behind him

By Chris Hall, CBC News Posted: Apr 08, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Apr 08, 2016 10:09 AM ET



The problem with the NDP..and  all parties – is that the message is pre-determined and the ‘leader’ must deliver the message as fed to deviation allowed..and oddly, Tom Mulcair,  the toughest guy in the room during Parliament is a 98 lb. weakling when delivering the message..whether he likes it or not..

Trudeau seems to be slowly bucking the party establishment..we’ll see about that..but Mulcair never would, and that is his failure..the party needs to give its collective head a shake and realize that a canned message is not what is needed or wanted..get rid of the backroom geeks who are writing/dictating  policy and start thinking about what the party is supposed to represent..the NDP is in danger of extinction otherwise..

It’s been said before, and the Liberals are famous for ‘stealing’ the  ideas of the  NDP and using them to their advantage, but  the  NDP is in danger of  becoming, if it isn’t already, the  moribund middle..a fate worse than death..

It seems inevitable that  Quebec, volatile if nothing else, would have once again shifted the party’s  position back to  ‘normal’ third party status..and as has been written before me,  44 seats is a  ‘high’ of sorts when you look at the NDP’s  record of third party status..

I  got disgusted with the party a long time ago, refused to rejoin or get further involved because I was handcuffed by  the need to , zombie-like,  march (goose-step) to the drum beat of the  backroom boys at any and all costs..sorry, that  just isn’t gonna happen.   I have, up to this point, always voted for them, since they a re always and forever it seems the lesser of  three evils, but that just isn’t good enough any more..this party may  be the one to create  voter apathy…a cardinal sin we must all guard against.

Perhaps it isn’t simply the  party, but the party system, or at least the system that has hogtied the NDP to the   middle of the road…and as I always say,  sittin’ on the fence gets you nothing  but a picket up the bum…


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