Wallflowering the One that Brung Ya…

Keeping Tom Mulcair may have been safer bet for NDP, history suggests

Parties that have lost seats but kept their leaders have had more future success

By Éric Grenier, for CBC News Posted: Apr 13, 2016 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Apr 13, 2016 5:00 AM ET


To abuse a hockey metaphor, when the team fails, who gets fired? Not the players, the coach…it’s a ridiculous analogy, in some ways, but the truth is, in Canada, this passes for political intelligence..a term which is soon to be considered an oxymoron..
Political ‘leaders’ rarely have the smarts and the courage to stand up in Parliament and do a great job of providing Opposition..Mulcair will continue to be the best at it, despite his recent humiliation as leader of a party that I will probably continue to vote for despite the consistent self-abuse of it’s delegates and in-crowd.
Like it or not, Mulcair did what he was told to and stayed on message like all political party leader-designates do, falling into goosestep behind whatever decisions are made in the back rooms to be the philosophy of the party…few leaders buck that sort of supervised manifesto…perhaps Mulcair should have, but instead he displayed one flash of brilliant and ultimately fatal courage by supporting a woman’s right to choose..even if it was only what she wore..this cost the NDP dearly in secular Quebec…but the country’s need to be a little bit Canada, a little bit Trump, oversaw the pushback against that obviously progressive stance..
There were other missteps, but the party only has itself to blame..they tend to dither at election time, (not only federally, but also here in BC, hence the continuous monopoly of BC so-called ‘Libs’ in our province)…and now they have tossed the leader out with the bathwater, I would bet to their everlasting regret..


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